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Remember a time when you could have a homepage with only a few links on it – perhaps, linking only to your own ascii files – and that was fine!? Actually, come to think of it – back then – a few bookmarks on your homepage, and you were pretty hot!
Not so anymore – with 71 million bloggers out there – you need your own blog – with a few links, and …
The same as before, but now it is called a blog with a blogroll 🙂 How times are changing …. not! Anyway – I have now jumped aboard.  And have my own blog here at wordpress.

About me:

The story about me is told in geek code (version 3.12) – in order to confuse the enemy 🙂 I use this format, as I am sure ETs will present themselves to us in a similar way! However, you could insert the code in the page and see what happens.

GCS/S/IT/M/O d C U P++ E W N o++ w M+++ PS PE Y PGP+++ 5- R b DI D G

BTW. It turns out I’m an INTJ temperament, which is a sub-category of “rationals” according to Keirsey. Whether this is good or not I have no idea.

You can learn more about me, if you follow links to my archives:

homepage at:

Simon Laub, May 16th, 2007.


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