various of my videos uploaded to google videos

May 16, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr. Center, Atlanta Georgia – Ebenezer Baptist Chu…

Kennedy Space Center, LC-39 Observatory Gantry view, Launch Pads 
Collins Ave, Miami South Beach
Lookout – Jerrys Famous Deli, South Beach, Miami

Masai women sing in Rift Valley Kenya (december 2005)
Oms Promotion 1
SunCover 4 – The expedition: Aarhus – Heidelberg – France.  

Y2K Dino 2

Aarhus,Denmark QuickTour. An homage to Lars von Trier
My LifeBits – Project everything on video. Aarhus, Denmark July 14th …
Making the airways over Aarhus unsafe -1- (Denmark 2003)
UK, just after take off from Stanstead -2 – (Denmark 2005)
Colliers Classic bikerace, Round 2, Aarhus Denmark – May 2007
Colliers Classic bikerace, Aarhus Denmark -Last round. May 2007

Tallest building in 500 years – Aarhus, Denmark

Eiffel Tower in Paris lights up (2003)